Five Essential Baking Ingredients Every Active Baker Should Have

As often as possible, the active baker will bake.  Going to the grocery store can become repetitive and tiring if you are baking every day. Every active baker should always have the following five common ingredients on hand at all times:

In the baking world, eggs serve many purposes. A baker may need eggs for making cookie batter, cake, or even quiche. When used to bake, they serve many purposes: providing moisture, increasing flavors, and even extending the shelf life of your baked goods. An active baker should always have at least three eggs with them at all times. If you are watching your cholesterol, you can use egg substitutes instead of an egg in your baking.

Baking Powder

Our baked goods can rise in the oven due to the power of baking powder, which is similar to baking soda. Breads and muffins commonly rise as they do due in part to baking powder. Breads and muffins commonly rise as they do due in part to baking powder.

Flour binds all our baking ingredients together, preventing them from separating during the baking process. Anything from cookies to bread and beyond can be enhanced with flavor and texture by it. All-purpose flour is the most commonly used flour when baking. For your next project, double check your recipe to make sure that this is the type of flour you will be working with.

Some may prefer to bake with honey or molasses instead of sugar, but it is still common to use sugar in desserts. The baker decides how much sugar to add to a product to sweeten up their baked goods, whether it be just a pinch or by the cupful. If you are diabetic, it might be beneficial to reduce or omit sugar altogether when baking, if possible, instead of using the amount that a recipe calls for.


Other ingredients work in culmination with butter to give your baked goods the texture that you enjoy so much. Either butter is required in the baking process for most baked goods, or a little butter added afterwards makes them delicious, such as banana bread.

Almost every recipe for the average avid baker requires the use of these five crucial ingredients. Typically, most recipes will ask for the ingredients they specify, although there are some situations where replacement ingredients can be used. If you anticipate wanting to bake in the near future, the next time you go to the grocery store, make sure to pick up an extra container of eggs, a bag of flour and sugar, and some butter.

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